Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hellociti.com FREE?

Yes, Using Hellociti.com is FREE. However, you will pay the service providers for the services you book, either at the time of booking or after the services are rendered to you.

What really happens once I book my service ?

  • Step 1: You Search Select and Book Your Service with the Service provider
  • Step 2: Through our system, the service provider gets intimation about your booking and views your booking details.
  • Step 3: The service provider confirms your booking depending on their availability.
  • Step 4: You get the confirmation message.

Which are the service categories I can currently Search & Book

  • You Can book for All Catagories that have Registered Service Providers

How is Hellociti different from an online search engine / classified / directory?

Hellociti.com not only enables one to Search for a Service or a Service Provider but also Book an Appointment for a Service with a Service Provider based on location, time and price. A confirmation of the Booking is sent to both the User & Service Provider via email & SMS.

What are the different ways to search for a vendor or service provider ?

There are 2 ways to search for service providers. Method 1: By City – Area – Service category. Example: Mumbai – Andheri – Saloons. Method 2: By Service Category – City – Area. Example: Saloons in Mumbai specifically Andheri.

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